Recertification enhances continued competence and reaffirms knowledge in food safety and sanitation, nutrition and supervisory management. Continuing Education is learning experiences that enhance the knowledge and skill development of culinary arts professionals. For CFC®, CFPC™, CC® and CPC® certificants, who have an accelerated learning curve, recertification is annual. For all other levels, the recertification cycle is every five years. As the culinary industry focuses on core knowledge and skills and is not directly tied to fast-changing technological advances, a five-year recertification cycle was deemed appropriate.

Quick Guide

Policies, Applications, Resources

PDF Recertification Application
Includes policy and fees

PDF CMC®/CMPC® Recertification Application
Includes policy and fees

PDF Emeritus Application
Qualifications: age 62; fully retired and age 55; or fully disabled

PDF Designated Usage Policy
Proper use of your credentials

PDF Brand You
Marketing your credentials

PDF Recertification Fees
Member and non-member fees

PDF Recertification Assistance Policy & Application
Certified members experiencing a financial hardship

PDF List of ACF Approved CEHs
Which CEHs qualify?

PDF CEH Tracking Program
Certified Members: submit CEHs to your profile as you earn them

PDF Recertification after Expiration Policy
Learn how to recertify within 1 year of expiration

Continuing Education Hour (CEH) Requirement

  • CFC® and CFPC™ - 10 CEHs annually
    - Only for certifications earned after 12/31/18
  • CC® and CPC® - 15 CEHs annually
    - Certifications earned prior to 1/1/19 - 48 CEHs every 3 years
    - Certifications earned prior to 1/1/19 will switch to annual recertification after upcoming recertification is completed.
  • All other levels - 80 CEHs every 5 years
  • CMC® and CMPC® - 50 CEHs every 5 years

CEH Requirement for Additional Levels

  • CFC® and CFPC™ - 10 CEH for first level, 5 CEH for any subsequent levels (Ex: Jane Doe, CFC, CFPC = 15 CEH)
  • CC® and CPC® - 15 CEH for first level, 5 CEH for any subsequent levels (Ex: Jane Doe, CC, CPC = 20 CEH)(Certifications earned after 12/31/18)
  • CC® and CPC® - 48 CEH for first level, 24 CEH for any subsequent levels (Ex: Jane Doe, CC, CPC = 72 CEH)(Certifications earned prior to 1/1/19)
  • All other levels – 80 CEH for first level, 40 CEH for second level and 20 CEH for any subsequent levels (Ex: Jane Doe, CEC, CEPC, CCA = 140 CEH)
  • CMC® and CMPC® - 50 CEH for first level, 25 CEH for any subsequent levels (Ex: Jane Doe, CMC, CCE = 75 CEH)

Earning CEH

Certified culinarians and chefs need to plan ahead regarding their educational goals so that timing and funding can be budgeted accordingly. The ACF recommends taking CEHs every year to achieve your educational goals faster and make recertification easier.

ACF approved CEH activities and opportunities can be found on the CEH page.

Food Safety and Sanitation must be current (completed no more than five years ago) for every recertification. An 8 hour refresher, state issued sanitation card or ServSafe can be used to fulfill the requirement.

Nutrition and Supervisory Management refreshers (8 hour minimum) are only submitted one time for recertification once original 30 hour courses are more than five years old.

ACF Certified Members can monitor CEHs on ACF Member Profile Page. CEHs can be submitted to the ACF Certification Department with the CEH Submission Form.

Application Process

Submit recertification application, required CEH documentation and recertification fee. Certificants with annual renewal can submit application three months ahead but no later than certification expiration date. Certificants with five year renewal can submit application one year ahead but no later than the certification expiration date. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.

ACF Certified Members experiencing a financial hardship may qualify for assistance. Information can be found in the Recertification Assistance Policy & Application.

Expired Certifications

Certifications that have not been expired more than 12 months, are still eligible for recertification. Criteria can be found in the Recertification After Expiration Policy.

Upgrading/Adding an Additional Certification

If you are interested in upgrading your current certification or adding an additional certification, review the current requirements. Please contact the ACF Certification Department prior to applying to verify documentation already on file.

Have questions or need more information? Contact the ACF Certification Department.